Get more out of your multifamily investment

Get more out of your multifamily investment

Let’s get to know more about you, your credit and the multifamily property (5+ unit apartment building) you are looking to purchase or refinance.

First, take a moment and review the key criteria for determining Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac small loan program eligibility listed below and select which apply to your situation.

Then submit your contact information to connect with a MultiFi partner from our dedicated team of experts. They will guide you to determine if MultiFi has the right solution for you.


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    Multifamily Property

    Now let's connect!

    Now that we know a little more about you and your multifamily property, let's connect. By providing your contact information and some additional details, a MultiFi partner will reach out to you to start exploring how you can get more out of your investment or be your guide for the next steps if you’re ready for a loan.

    Please provide the address of the multifamily property (5+ apartment unit building) you are looking to finance or refinance